Contact Tracing: Insight-driven Leak-proof Risk-stratified PAIR FluTrace engine.

Searching for promising lockdown exit strategy and avoiding intermittent lockdowns, nations are recognizing the importance of digital contact tracing to tackle the source of the problems: the virus spread.

FluTrace engine, ACC’s public health brand, delivers beyond identifying close contacts in conventional contact tracing. First, data collection via QR code scanning labels each transmission context (type and location of venue), which is key for accuracy (reduce false positives) of identifying close contacts, and for insights about transmissions in different contexts. Second, big data and machine learning models stratify risk levels of close contacts (who is more likely to be infected or spread virus widely), to guide targeted and resource-efficient pandemic response (such as smart testing and mask wearing). Third, the transmission network analytics provides a rapid and systematic approach to reveal asymptomatic infections and reduce tracing leakages, breaking infection chains.

Contact Tracing Policy Brief: Lockdown Exit Strategy: Use Big Data to Learn to Fight COVID-19 (Insight-driven Leak-proof Risk-stratified Contact Tracing).

SafeEntry Code app: works with QR-code-based Singapore SafeEntry system.

Smart Electric Mobility: Plug-and-play PAIR Taxi big data platform

PAIR platform, ACC’s mobility brand, offers global cities big-data-driven smart cities analytics, harnessing state-of-art technologies in IoT, cloud computing, big data, and machine learning.

With expertise in big data analytics, PAIR platform partners with 4 Chinese megacities with 65,000 taxis and 1.8 million daily trips, and was China’s first-deployed contact tracing analytics on 10 Feb 2020. With plug-and-play ease of data integration, PAIR platform aims to digitalize and electrify global urban mobility to cope with commercialization challenges from Shared mobility (smarter operation), EV adoption (lower emission), and Congestion pricing (enhanced sustainability).

Financing PV+EV Transition: Securitized clean energy asset backed by BODE (Big Open Data Exchange).

BODE, ACC’s finance brand, aims to build a globally connected financing and trading platform on top of city-wide open data platform for clean energy assets such as solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, electric vehicle (EV) batteries, and EV chargers. Directly linking the (retail) investors and the system operators, the physical, data, and financial layers of the underlying clean energy assets are integrated to provide real-time key indicators, to facilitate pricing and credit rating of financing and trading transactions.

The world’s energy consumption is currently dominated by fossil fuel sources: about 87% of the 12.7 billion tons of oil equivalent (ton) of primary energy consumption in 2013 is from coal, oil, and natural gas. This heavy reliance on fossil fuels in the current global energy landscape impedes climate change mitigation, poses national energy security risk, and is ultimately unsustainable to accommodate developing nations’ growing energy needs. With the BODE architecture, we not only build the clean energy infrastructure from eV to kWh and km (better sustainability, better energy security), but also offer democratized investment opportunities based on long-term-reliable performing physical assets (less inequality, less volatility).